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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Question of the Day: Is pruning good for my locks?

What's Pruning?

Pruning is the removal of excess or overgrown hair from your FULLY FORMED locks.

The answer to the above question depend on;
1) how often you prune/clip up your locks
2) how much you take off when you prune/ clip up your locks
3) the health of your locks
4) how fast your hair grows and locks

How often should  you prune/clip up your locks?
There is no set time period in which you have to do it. Pruning/clipping up of your locks should depend on the condition if your hair. Your loctician should evaluate your hair to know whether your hair needs the procedure or not. I usually do mine about every year or so depending on the growth and the speed at which my hair locks.

If you follow the steps mentioned above, then yes it is great for your hair. Pruning can make a huge difference in the neatness of you locks as well as the size. If your locks are not healthy I would not suggest this process. Your loctician should be able to tell you how much hair will be taken off based on his/ her observation of your hair over a period of time. Taking off too much could make your locks thin and this will lead to breaking. Pruning or clipping of your locks should not be cutting of your locks. So be involved with your hair and try to observe what is being done when you sit in the loctician chair. 
Do you prune/clip up your locks? Do you have a set time period in which you prune your locks?

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