Return of Jungle Barbie

Happy Friday Barbies and Kens!!!!! I am back. I had a wonderful vacation and try very hard to post everyday while I was away.
As you can see I am still rocking my curls. I am in love with them almost 1 weeks after I took them down. This is the hairstyle I wore today on my dentist visit.
My hairstyle was completed with this maxi dress I purchased years ago from Macy's.
I paired the dress with my current favourite bag from Zara,
Citizen watch, Salvatore Ferragamo and H&M bracelets
and BCBG  Max Azria.
Thank you for reading. Hope you all have a safe weekend. Until Monday, stay fab and be creative.


  1. you really look lovely, your hair .....mmmmhhhh! WOW

    1. Thank you Irene. The curls hold up well for a ver long time. Love them.

  2. U look very chic & classic. I love your versatility with your curls.

    1. Thank you Latoya. They re vey versatile and I lve them..

  3. OMG..... i am so in love with your hair right now. it looks really nice and has lasted long. when i do my hair the curls drop quickly so maybe i need to try the moose that you use or something to let them last longer.. it looks so classy..

    1. Thank you Tammyllew. I will be doing a tutorial on how I do them and how I get them to last for a longtime. Ths time I did not use any mousse on my hair bacause I was pressed for drying time.


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