Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crinkles Retro Chic

Happy Halloween Barbies and Kens!!!! Lost my voice and was bored so I decided to take pictures of today's outfit.  Sorry there will be a lot of pictures.

Today was a little cooler during the morning but a little warmer in the afternoon. I took down my twists and wore my crinkles out.
Did a very simple hairstyle and wore this burnt orange hat. I love these styles of hats and will be rocking them more during the fall and winter.
How do you wear your hats during the fall/winter?
The outfit I wore is very simple and inexpensive yet chic. I wore this gold metallic H&M sweater with a pair of Uniqlo faux leather shorts.
To add some added color to the outfit, I am wearing this beaded H&M necklace and ring.
I am also wearing some bracelets from Forever21 as well as I took my Zara tote.
For shoes, I wore these ankle booties from H&M.
I am loving long gloves and so I picked up one recently from Uniqlo.
Here is the completed look.
Thank you for reading. Remember to checkout my Youtube channel for lock tutorials.
Until tomorrow, stay fab and be creative.

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