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Monday, October 22, 2012

Ninja Bun Barbie

Happy Monday, Barbies and Kens!!!!! Hope you all had a great weekend. This past Thursday, I had a pain in my neck and shoulders and took 2 days of rest from posting.
On the weekend, however I tried to find a chiropractor to look at my neck but because of the short notice I could not get an appointment.
I was a little sad and ended up doing some retail therapy to cheer me up. I will be having a haul on my Youtube channel.

This was the hairstyle I ended up wearing. I love updos especially buns. I will be having a tutorial coming up showcasing how I achieved the look. In the meantime, here are a few pictures;
 I wore a very casual outfit because if I was able to be examined, I would have to take off my clothes and I wanted something hassle free.
I wore this oversized sweater from the GAP which was perfect for the weather on Saturday.
These Uniqlo burgundy pants complemented the yellow and gray in my sweater. I also wore some Aldo ankle boots to give the outfit a tough look.
As for my accessories, I wore this long multi-colored stone Forever21 necklace and ring  along with a pair of ANAP button earrings.
My Baginc studded bag completed the look. I like how the outfit looks with the long strap on the bag.
I was trying to do some ninja poses to compliment my hairstyle. How did I do?

Thank you for reading. Please remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel to get step by step instructions on how to recreate the hairstyles featured on the blog in your own hair.


  1. Love your hair! And your skin is beautiful!



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