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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Question of the Day

Today's question is "How to prevent the ends of your locks from breaking off".
This is a very good question. If length retention is what you seek then this post will be extremely important for you. The ends of your hair are equally important as the roots. I like to treat them on the " respect your elders basis". This is because they are the oldest and the most fragile and thus they need more attention and care. Here are a few things I do and some products I use on my ends.

Things I do

  • Periodic trims of my ends. This will get rid of the weak and damaged ends which retards growth. They will break off anyway so why not snip them off?
  • Deep condition. I usually use store bought as well as homemade deep conditioners. They add added moisture to your hair, strengthens thus  reducing breakage. Click here to see some useful deep conditioner recipes.
  • Protective Styles. These are great as this is a way for you to tuck away your ends and protect them from the harsh forces of nature. For detailed information on how to do different protective styles click here.
  • Tie your hair before laying on it. A satin cap or bedding will do the trick for this one.
  • Wear head wraps. These not only keep your head warm during the winter time but also protect your hair as well. Click here for instructions on how you can wrap them in a trendy classy way.

Things I use

  • Oils :Peppermint, Tea Tree, Castor, Argan,Rosemary and Jojoba Oils.
  • Shea moisture yucca growth milk leave in treatment.
  • Shea moisture deep repair masque.
  • Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque.
  • Hot oil treatment (tea tree, castor, rosemary, jojoba oils)
  • Satin Cap.

Hope this was helpful. Remember if you have any questions and or queries, please leave them in the comment box or email Jungle Barbie at synethiae@gmail.com.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, Barbie in the Spotlight.

Thank you for reading. Until tomorrow, stay fab and be creative.

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