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Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Locks Got Searched

Happy Thursday Barbies and Kens!!!!!! I had to share this experience with you and see if anyone have had the same or similar experience. The experience was pleasant and the young lady who carried out the search on my hair was pretty nice about doing it.

Anyhoo, I went through the body scanner at the airport and was told me to step aside to get searched manually. I was a little surprised because whenever I travel, I try not to wear any jewelry, belts or anything with metal on it. I try to dress very simple and so, I was a little puzzled and never in a million years would I guess my hair.
This was the hairstyle was the culprit. I did it for brunch on Saturday the day before my flight and just kept it.
For a long flight, I usually wear my hair down to go through security and then tie it up as soon as I get on the plane. This time because I already had it in a perfect travel hairstyle in my opinion, I just kept it that way(I could sleep without my neck aching). Little did I know what was ahead.

I stepped towards her and she told me my picture will appear on the screen in a minute then she will see the area to search. Finally, it came up and it was my hair. I was like ok. I was not told to pull my bun down nor did she mess it up which I was happy about. She proceded to tell me how nice and thick my hair was so I was like thank you. All I wanted to know my style did not get ruined and I could sleep comfortably on the flight. Our parting words were "Have a safe flight" "Thank you".

Have this ever happened to you? What was the experience like? How did you deal with it? How did you feel?
I would love to hear you experience.

I thought to myself, what happen to all the other females in the line who had buns? Why aren't their buns subjected to a search? I leave you to answer that question.

Thank you for reading. Until tomorrow, stay fab and be creative.


  1. Ohhhhhh yes my darling, this has happened to me on several occasions while traveling. Thankfully none of the experiences were unpleasant but rather surprising as you mentioned. At any rate, I guess they are fulfilling their duties in ensuring that we're not trafficking stuff in our loc buns. I've since learned not to wear high loc buns when traveling. LOL!!

  2. cute do, glad the lady at the airport was pleasant :)

  3. I had a cinnamon roll bun for a wedding (at the request of the bride) and it was very pin heavy. The woman requested I stoop down so she could wand the bun when I set off the scanner, but once I explained the situation, she let me go.
    I think that because our hair (and conversely our buns) are more dense, there's a chance someone could more easily smuggle something if they wanted.

  4. i have had my bun searched before but it was mostly the hair pins I had in them.. or if i have braids in a bulky ponytail will sometimes make them stop me but nothing unpleasant

  5. Yes it happend to me once. When I went to Surinam. The lady went trough my hair with her fingers. She also asked me if it was my natural hair and looked very amazed. I was offended. It took me of guard.

  6. Thank you for sharing you stories Lovies. I am so happy I was not the only one. I hope it will not become a trend.

  7. i know this is response is late but i had to share. in florida, i am always singled out all the time for my hair. i never wear my hair up because i can see how possibly that can be an issue (not really, though). my scalp is more visible than anyone else there so why the need to go giving me a full, unwanted head message?! what about the hairspray ladies and those with wigs and weaves? my point is , i'm outraged and feel your pain.


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