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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Barbie in the Spotlight: Monique Mo Melody Dehaney

I am so excited to share with you once again a lock icon in Japan. Monique Dehaney or Mo Melody as she is more popularly know on the music scene, released her single "Look of Love" which is doing very well on the charts. I had a chance to ask her a few questions about the song as well as herself as a singer. Read her response as well as enjoy her melodic video below.

As a singer, how do you see yourself?
I see myself as a soulful vocalist whose music is infused with reggae and some jazz.

How has the new single been performing, so far?
It’s been doing pretty well. The first week we were number 13 on Amazon downloads, which is pretty good, for someone promoting on their own. Now, I just need to release the (music) video (currently being edited for release) and things should pick up.

You wrote the lyrics for Look of Love and, in fact, you’ve written quite a few songs, haven’t you? What do you write about? When did you start writing songs?
Songwriting started when I took an office job and was bored out of my mind. I had time on my hands and I started writing at the desk and I ended up writing over 20 complete songs in the space of six months. Writing is just all about my life experiences. I hardly ever write about things that don’t directly affect me, or that I haven’t directly experienced. I usually just think of a melody in my mind and write lyrics to it. That’s pretty much all the time, with or without a backing track to work with.
Looking ahead, what are your some of your other plans, hopes dreams?
To be honest, what would make me happiest would be to debut in my own country. I’d love to debut in my own country and be known [there] as a Jamaican singer, a varied Jamaican singer able to sing in different genres. But at the same time, the market in Jamaica is pretty saturated… and when it comes on to organization Jamaica is not the best place. But [that’s] a dream deferred.

What about touring abroad?
That’s in the works but right now I’m putting content together because you can’t tour without content. If you don’t have what to show festival promoters or so on, then there will be no touring abroad. So, right now, the real hard work is getting content together, good content. And once I have that then I can think about promoting myself.
More information about the artiste, as well as gigs etc, can be found at her website: http://lovemoniquemusic.com

Congratulations Monique and thank you for representing us well across the oceans.

Thank you for reading. Please go ahead and support her buy listening, commenting, rating as well as buying. Until tomorrow, stay fab and be creative.

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