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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

OverAll my bday minivacay was GrEaT

Good morning Barbies and Kens!!!!! Sorry for the brief hiatus. If you follow me on twitter and or facebook you would have seen my update.
For my birthday, I went with my honey to visit my sister and brother in Fort Lauderdale. On this day I went shopping with my sister and she snapped these pics for me.
I will do a tutorial for this style as well as snap some more pictures because we had difficulty taking pictures of the sunlight.
The weather was lovely and I opted to wear this Forever21 denim playsuit (here).
 I love wearing jumpsuits because I can style them effortlessly. All I did was add some chunky accessories; Choies necklace (here), Timex calculator watch (here), Bershka earrings, BCBG sandals and Zara sunnies and lunch leather clutch (on sale here).
 How did you spend your 4th of July weekend?
Thank you for reading. Please checkout my June favorites video below. I have face, hair, nails and fashion pieces. You guys asked for it and I delivered.
Until tomorrow, stay fab and be creative.


  1. Do you happen to live in the Atlanta area? I'm thinking about getting sister locks and was looking for a loctician. Just wondering if you could suggest someone.

  2. No Love I don't. For sisterlocks you have to go to a special salon and it is a bit more expensive. If you want traditional locks, I can recommend Thirsty Roots.

  3. Thanks for the info. I am looking for sisterlocks specifically. I did find a loctician here that has been doing them for about 5 years. I've been natural for a while now and have a little length to my hair so I knew it would be expensive, but was not ready for the $2k estimate I received. I have a consultation with another loctician this week so we'll see what she says but I may have to go with microlocks instead. I just can't see paying that price for my hair.

    1. I think micro locks is the best way to go. Sisterlocks are very expensive on all fronts.

  4. Love your hair by the way. It's beautiful!


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