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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Barbie in the Spotlight: Kilajai

Hey Barbies and Kens!!!!! It seemed as if I have not made a post in a minute. I have been super busy and I know you will understand.

This week's Barbie in the spotlight is Kilajai from my Instagram  page. She took one of my hairstyle and made it her own. Loving how her hair color makes the style pop. I appreciate it when my barbies and Kens do my hairstyles and tag me. Love you guys!!!!!! You are the BESTEST!!!!!

If you tried any of my hairstyles, please go ahead and tag my on Facebook and Instagram, tweet or email Jungle Barbie at synethiae@gmail.com and you might be the next Barbie in the Spotlight (BITS).

Thank you for reading. Until tomorrow stay fab and be creative.


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