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Friday, May 20, 2016

Pick6deals.com Makeup Haul on a Budget

Today, I have a few items I chose from the website pick6deals.com. All the items I chose was $40 and I got free shipping. If you are someone who likes makeup or want to start a career in makeup, then I would recommend this site as you will be able to get items for your kit or self without breaking the bank.
The items came well packaged to ensure that all my items came intact.
I got the following items because I want to do more videos and tutorial catering to beginners as well as budgetistas.

1. Oval Brush #7
This brush looks like the Artis brushes. I have never tried the Artis brushes so I do not know how they compare to these but I am willing to try these to see how they apply makeup. I am a sponge girl so I am excited to see if this brush wow me.

Palettes are usually cost effective because you get a wide range of colors for less. This neutral palette has a great mix shimmer and matte colors great for varying looks, skin types and tones.

Color correcting is a trending makeup technique and if not done properly can look clownish. I got these to do a tutorial on how and when I use them. These I bought as a bundle and got a deal. I would suggest this because one is usually $2.99. Stay tuned for that video on my Youtube channel. If you have not subscribed to my Youtube channel, you can do so here.

I like buying items that can double up or in this case triple up. This save a lot of money. I usually use my makeup items in unconventional ways. For example, I have an eyeshadow that I use as an highlighter because I think it looks great. NYX is an inexpensive brand of great quality so have it serves multiple purposes is a win win.

I know lashes is not every girl's cup of tea but they can elevate your makeup look. If you do not like to wear false lashes, I will be having a post as well as a video demonstrating how to get fuller longer lashes. I like these lashes because they have the invisible band which affords for a more natural look. 
I have the Ardell wispies, Ardell Demi wispies and the Miss Adoro #43 Do you wear lashes or you stick to mascaras?

Lash adhesive is very important when you wear false lashes. Having a good lash adhesive will ensure you have no accidents during your time wearing the lashes. So, I like this glue because it keep my lashes on all day as well as it dries black and blends in seemlessly with my lashes and the false lashes. 

Every girl needs a brown lipliner in her life. This one from Jordana is not super dark but it gives you that subtle look on your lips. I wore it as a lipstick yesterday in one of my videos and got lots of question as to what I was wearing. Apart from the price point ($1), I liked the color and the finish it gave. What's your favorite brown lipliner?

Those were all the items I pickup from pick6deals.com. Check them out here and see the amazing deals for yourself.
Thank you for reading. Until tomorrow, stay fab and be creative.

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