Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas Gift Cravings Fitness Editon

The new year is a couple of weeks away and I know lots of us will have fitness on our list of New Years Resolution. Christmas is usually the time where we buy and or make our requests and or purchases for these items. Today, I created a list that will make life easier for you. All you have to do is click or share the item you like and buy.

1) Workout Gears
You can get these anywhere but I prefer to buy mine on The set is $24 and there are a wide variety to chose from. Their shipping is fast so you will get it in time for Christmas. The quality of their workout clothes are great. I own a few of the pieces myself. Here'a the link to the workout gears page 
You can check out their website or follow them on their social media networks to see when they launch new items.

2) Sneakers/Workout Shoes
There are tons of shoes to chose from but the one I recommend is the Nike Lite Run 2 Women Running shoes. They are trendy, lightweight, supportive and inexpensive. You can buy this sneakers from JC Penny for $75 plus if you use Ebates you will get some money back. Sign up for Ebates and get a chunk of your money back when you buy your gifts this Christmas.

3) Gym Bag
You need a bag to put all your gym essentials in. The one I recommend is from Adidas. Again there are lots of bags to chose from. I recommend this one because it is trendy and light weight. You could take it to work without anyone knowing it is you gym bag. You can snatch it up here for $49.99. Remember to use Ebates to save you some coins

4) Headband
A sweatband is a must. You will need something to help absorb your sweat while you workout. I recommend this one from Amazon. It is $3.97 plus free shipping if you have Amazon Prime. Get it here.

5) Headphones
Unless you attend a class when you workout or you like to listen to your thoughts I would suggest headphones to make your workout more fun. I recommend this Beats by Dre wireless earphones. They are on the pricier side. They are $229 at Walmart but you can get something back if you sign up for Ebates. You can get the headphones here.

There are more minor items that you will need that I did not include in this post. Let me know what fitness items you are craving for the Christmas. Or let me know what fitness item you will be gifting.

Happy shopping. Thank you for reading. Until tomorrow, stay fab and be creative.


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