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  1. Hi, I am fascinated by your locs and think you take great care of them! I see you have done a lot of posts on styling, but can you do one about your decision to loc your hair? How you started your locs and what your journey was like? How long you have had them, how you take care of them, etc? Thanks!

  2. Thank you. I sure can do that post.

  3. Your locs are always fabulous and so are you. You have a great sense of style and you exactly how to mix your fashion with just the right loc style. I love it!!! You Rock Barbie!!! Now, if only I could keep my locs moisturized without having to do the oils daily. Can you give me some really good pointers? I would truly appreciate any advice. I've tried everything and my locs want stay soft, nor will they hold moisture.... Help Me Barbie!!!! Thanks! djkensgirl009

  4. What is the best product to twist my locks?

    1. I use the Mango and Lime locking gel as well as the ORS locking gel.

  5. My hair is very much thin so I have to use human hair extensions. Is there any way to loc my hair and grow more hair so that I can loc my hair as I like? Thanks for your hair styles.


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